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Randleman Regional Reservoir Operating Hours for 2024

Marina is Closed
January 1st - 31st
February 1st -  February 27th
December 1st - 31st
Monday and Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday through Sunday -Hours Indicated Below
Month   Open / Closed
Feb 28 - Mar. 31   8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Apr. 1 - Apr. 30   7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
May 1 - May 31   6 a.m. - 8 p.m. 
June 1 - June 30   6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
July 1 - July 31   6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Aug. 1 - Aug. 31   6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Sept. 1 - Sept. 30    7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Oct. 1 - Oct. 31   7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Nov. 1 - Nov. 24  

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. -  Open Fri., Sat &

 Sun. Only

Veterans Day -  November 11, 2024

Free Boat or Pier Launch for Active

and Retired Service Members 

Open on these additional days in 2024
Monday, April 1st Easter Monday
Monday, May 27th Memorial Day

Thursday, July 4th

Independence Day
Monday, September 2nd Labor Day


In appreciation of their service and sacrifices the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority invites all active and retired military personnel to fish for free on Veterans Day.  Pier and boat launch fees at the Randleman Regional Reservoir Marina, located at 7123 Adams Farm Road in Randleman will be waived for all service members on November 11, 2024, thank you for your service.  The marina will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Veterans Day.


Google Maps
Directions to
Randleman Regional Reservoir Marina
located at:
7123 Adams Farm Road
Randleman, NC  27317

(336) 498-5281
Click here

Marina Fees

Gasoline Powered Boat $15.00 (3 people or less)
$5.00 per person over 3
Electric Motor only $7.00 launch fee
Kayak, Canoe, Paddleboat   $5.00 launch fee
Pier Fishing $3.00 per person
Kayak Rental $5.00 half day /$10.00 whole day


We now offer kayak rentals at the PTRWA marina.  We have kayaks available for rent, paddles are provided as part of the rental fee.  The half day rental fee is for a 5 hour period, please call ahead to ensure rental availability.  Due to COVID-19 implications we are requiring kayak renters to provide their own life jacket, a limited number of life jackets are availabe for purchase in the marina office should you forget to bring one.

We will continue to offer our boat launch our punch cards in 2023.  Gasoline powered boaters can purchase boating punch tickets at a discounted rate.  Gasoline boaters can purchase a 10 usage punch ticket for 3 person boat access for $120.00.  A savings of $30.00 over the regular rate.



General Recreation Guidelines
Applicable to Randleman Regional Reservoir

1. Recreation activities, which will be allowed on the reservoir, include: boating, fishing, paddleboats and picnicking.

2. Activities that will be strictly prohibited from the lake and adjacent PTRWA land include swimming or wading, skiing, bank fishing (except at designated pier), use of personal watercraft, hunting, camping, horseback riding, and the use of all-terrain vehicles.

Reservoir Activities

3. Fishing from boats will be allowed on any part of the reservoir except in areas designated or restricted by the PTRWA. Buoys and signs shall be used to designate restricted areas of the reservoir. For example, a restricted area would include a zone with a radius of 300 feet from the raw water intake line or the water treatment plant, marked by buoys. It shall be unlawful for any person to damage, tamper with, tie up to, or disregard any sign or buoy designating a restricted area.

4. Only boats with electric engines, paddleboats, kayaks, canoes or rowboats will be allowed on the portion of the lake north of the Highway 62 Bridge. South of the Highway 62 Bridge, motorized boats (i.e. gasoline powered) will also be allowed with a maximum 25 MPH speed limit being established. In areas where boat wakes are creating hazardous situations for other boats or to the banks of the lake, a reduced speed shall be posted. It shall be unlawful to operate a boat beyond the posted speed or in an undesignated area.

5. All boats, to include inflatables, shall be equipped as required by the United States Coast Guard or other Federal and State Agencies.

6. No boats, with the exception of the reservoir staff patrol boats, shall be allowed within 300 feet of the raw water intake or the water treatment plant, which will be marked by buoys.

7. All boats must register at the designated check station before being launched on the reservoir. Launching will be allowed only at designated areas and only during days and hours when the reservoir is open to the public and an authorized PTRWA agent is present and on duty. A limited number of motorized boats will be allowed on the reservoir. As a general guideline, one (1) motorized boat per twenty-five (25) acres of navigable water or one hundred (100) boats will be accommodated at any one time below the Highway 62 Bridge (approximately 2500 acres). The PTRWA will monitor the number of boats on the reservoir and will not allow additional gas powered boats above the number established by the Board of Directors of the PTRWA.

8. The maximum speed limit for all boats operating within the no wake areas around the launching ramps will be 5 miles per hour.

9. No privately owned boat shall be allowed to remain overnight.

10. All persons fishing on the reservoir must obtain a permit from the Reservoir Warden or designee. Fishermen shall also be required to exhibit permits or licenses required by prevailing North Carolina State Laws governing fishing and inland waters.

11. The regulations of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission regarding licenses, the kinds and sizes of fish, number of fish to be taken, seasons when fishing is allowed and methods of catching fish shall be adopted as the fishing regulations for Randleman Regional Reservoir, unless modified by the Board of Directors of the PTRWA. Link to North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission ( for fishing regulations.

12. Each person may be required to submit his catch for the inspection of the Reservoir Warden upon request at any time. Each person taking fish from the reservoir may be required to enter into the warden\\\\'s register his name, address and kind and number of fish caught.

13. No boat shall touch the shore except at an approved area.

14. No boat shall be refueled in the water or within 200 feet of the water\\\\'s edge.

15. Every boat shall be equipped with a pail and cover for sanitary purposes only. A boat that has a toilet facility that discharges sewage directly into the water shall not be allowed on the reservoir.

16. There will be no storage of gasoline at the launching area.

17. Minimum age for the operator of a boat is 16 years of age.

18. Unreasonable noises are prohibited. Un-muffled exhausts are expressly prohibited.

19. Reckless boating shall not be tolerated and any offender shall be removed from the reservoir and subject to the full penalty of the law.


Buffer Activities

20. It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or propel any motor vehicle or other vehicle, including mini-bikes, go-carts, motorbikes, or any other self-propelled motorized vehicle, in, over or through PTRWA property.

21. Vehicles shall be parked only in designated parking areas outside the buffer.

22. Picnicking will be allowed only in designated areas outside the buffer.

23. Trash must be disposed of in designated areas outside the buffer. Any party found to be guilty of littering the reservoir or reservoir property shall be fined and or suspended from the reservoir.

24. Bank Fishing will be permitted in designated areas only.

25. While on PTRWA property, all pets must be kept on a leash. In addition, no domestic animals shall be permitted any contact whatsoever with the drinking water at Randleman Reservoir.

26. Placing or erecting any structure, sign, bulletin board, post, pole, or advertising device of any kind on PTRWA property will not be allowed. No poster, sign, bill, notice, wire, rod, or cord may be attached to any tree, shrub, fence, railing, post or structure within PTRWA property or adjacent property.

27. Except as part of an approved event, soliciting or selling any items of merchandise on PTRWA property will not be permitted.

28. It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, destroy, mutilate or deface any structure, monument, planter, fountain, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, bench, tree, plant, or any other property of PTRWA.

29. No adjacent property owner shall have the right to use any PTRWA property around the reservoir for any private use.

30. No cleaning of fish will be allowed on PTRWA property.

31. No person shall trap, catch, wound or cause to be injured, kill, treat cruelly, or tease any bird or animal on PTRWA property.

32. No firearms or fireworks will be allowed by any participants utilizing the reservoir or adjacent PTRWA property.

33. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on premises. No person under the influence of alcohol will be allowed on the reservoir or adjacent PTRWA property.

34. No person shall maintain or alter PTRWA property in the buffer zone. This includes but is not limited to the following: distribution of chemicals, cutting, trimming, mowing, and other modification of PTRWA property. Buffer property may not be used for any purpose.

35. It shall be unlawful for any person to dig, cut, bruise, mutilate, or cause to be transplanted any plant material of all and any description within PTRWA property.

36. It shall be unlawful for any person to make or kindle a fire in any area on PTRWA property.

37. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to pollute or contaminate the reservoir by any means whatsoever.


Management of PTRWA and PTRWA Property

38. The PTRWA Reservoir Warden shall be the official custodian of the reservoir and surrounding PTRWA property and it shall be his/her duty to enforce all ordinances, rules and regulations adopted by the PTRWA\\\\'s Board of Directors as well as all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

39. Activities on the reservoir shall be restricted to daylight hours. All operational hours shall be established by the PTRWA Board of Directors.

40. The Reservoir Warden shall post copies of these rules in conspicuous areas in the recreation area(s). The attention of every person obtaining a permit shall be directed to these rules.

41. The PTRWA Executive Director shall have the authority to close the reservoir when it is determined that continued recreational activity would be detrimental to its use as a public water supply.


42. The Executive Director of the PTRWA, or his designee, is responsible for the operation of the access areas on Randleman Reservoir. He may temporarily ban for a period of thirty (30) days any activity that may adversely affect the use of these areas.

43. The Executive Director of PTRWA is responsible for protecting water quality in Randleman Reservoir. He may temporarily ban for a period of thirty (30) days any activity that may adversely affect the use of the public water supply. This ban may be extended by the Board of Directors of PTRWA.

44. This ordinance may be enforced by any and all remedies authorized by North Carolina General Statutes or other applicable law. In addition, anyone violating any of these provisions may be asked to leave immediately and may be subject to prosecution for trespass for failing to do so.

Please contact us here if you have any particular concerns or questions regarding recreation on and around Randleman Reservoir.